• Help high school students choose the right college and major
  • Help college students pick a major and what type of classes they should be in to excel in their education
  • Help high school and college students pick the right vocation, industry and company that matches their personality
  • Learn what ways that you can improve yourself to be the best employee, boss or other aspects that are integral in your life


  • Hiring
  • Internal Benchmarking
  • Succession Planning
  • Promotion Preparedness
  • Way to make sure people are a good fit to work together
  • Conflict resolution
  • Is the person in the correct position within a company



The term benchmarking was a way to use the assessments through the use of learning the preferences and motivations of someone who may be transitioning to a different role.  The purpose is to learn the way that person manages, needs to be managed and many other aspects of their personality to have a smooth transition within the company, a department, division or other area in a business. 



Succession Planning is something that is not always thought of at a business.  There are so many times that people don't think of certain aspects of what would happen if a key employee or person of any company or organization were to pass away or leave a company.  Through the use of the assessments, we are able to identify the specific traits and personality of that person to have another person in that role with the same traits or someone that has different strength and weaknesses for the future of the company or organization.


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This assessment package will provide you with the 30 page assessment that measures your motivations and preferences from what way you learn to what type of vocation and company and industry you should work.



The Upgrade assessment package provides you with the assessment as well as an assessment analysis to go over the entire assessment with the client to discuss in further detail OR an executive summary of the assessment so someone does not have to read through 30 plus pages of information.



The Advanced assessment package is the assessment as well as the assessment analysis AND the executive summary