We do not use the typical recruiter mentality of finding a job at a company and calling and finding the person to fill that job.  We have a strong list of people and companies that we know very well and we match the candidate to the job and company that is the right fit.  We do this by using our personality assessment beforehand so we are not sending non-highly qualified candidates to a company.  Because we don't do the rigorous process of stereotypical recruiting we charge our clients a lower recruiting fee


We always keep our ears and eyes open around the region to see what people we know are actively or passively looking for a change in their career.  This can happen because they are looking to leave their current company or even industry.  An example of this would be someone who is in public accounting and wants to change to corporate accounting.


Because we do not actively search for jobs for people, we don't have as much labor and time in the recruiting process.  If we know of a company looking to hire someone we go into our pool of candidates and send over the right person for the job and company.  If we don't have the right fit, we don't send anyone over so we don't waste the companies time.  This simplistic approach allows us to charge a lower recruiting fee to our clients.